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SWATaddon.avx by hcho: initial release 2004-05-10

The SWATaddon extension adds two menus: preSWAT and swatLoads. The main purpose of preSWAT is calculation of Hydrologic Response Unit (HRU) parameters for the BASINS project. The swat module embedded in BASINS--formerly AVSWAT--only calculates subbasin-based parameters although SWAT itself supports HRU as the smallest subunit which is much smaller than the subbasin. For this reason, the user can lose the model precision in some cases. This limitaion of BASINS/SWAT motivated the development of the SWATaddon extension.


  1. Copy avenue/SWATaddon.avx into the .../ESRI/AV_GIS30/ARCVIEW/EXT32 directory.
  2. SWATaddon shows up in the File/Extensions dialog.
  3. Check the extension and click OK.
  4. Use this file at your own risk.

See also coursework/Development_of_SWAT_add-ons_to_calculate_HRU_parameters_for_the_BASINS_project.


Hydrology.avx by hcho: initial release 2004-03-06

This extension creates the flow direction, the flow accumulation, and the watershed grid from a DEM.


  1. The file should be copied into the .../ESRI/AV_GIS30/ARCVIEW/EXT32 directory.
  2. Hydrology shows up in the File/Extensions dialog.
  3. Check the extension and click OK.
  4. Now you can see Hydrology.Watershed.icon.png icon at the right-most side of the toolbar in a View document.
  5. Use this file at your own risk.


  1. Click Hydrology.Watershed.icon.png icon.
  2. Click on an outlet. Don't worry about miss-placing the outlet. You can come back to select the exact point on a flow accumulation grid that will be created afterward.
  3. You'll be asked to choose a DEM, a flow direction, and a flow accumulation. While a DEM should be specified, a flow direction and a flow accumulation can be automatically created from the DEM if you just click Cancel in their dialog box. Once the flow direction and the flow accumulation are created, you don't need to specify the DEM anymore; instead, you should choose the flow direction and the flow accumulation.


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