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FluxBox running on Slackware
evilwm: Minimalist Window Manager for X

Just for fun!

FluxBox running on Slackware

November 14, 2007: OK, I wiped out FreeBSD and installed Slackware for the sake of no package managements (i.e., no dependency hells but great annoyance when deleting packages) and a software suspend. It works great!


July 7, 2007: I'm running a modified version of Particle Swarm Optimizer, a metaheuristic based on the movement of birds in a flock. You're seeing flying particles searching for the solutions (red crosses). What smart particles they are! The code is written in R.

September 7, 2006

evilwm: Minimalist Window Manager for X

August 11, 2005: Nothing can be worse than this! No window decoration, no menu, no icon, and everything is done with a keyboard.

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