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Since July 5, 2007

Free File Attachment plugin for miniBB: ffa4minibb/

I've been using miniBB for my private forum site, but, as opposed to the freeness of miniBB, there were no "free" solutions for file attachment. Now, there is!

Change log
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ffa4minibb_1.png ffa4minibb_2.png ffa4minibb_3.png


GNU General Public License (GPL)


Tested on miniBB 2.0.5

Added file:
  • ffa4minibb.php
Affected files:
  • bb_plugins.php
  • bb_plugins2.php
  • bb_default_style.css
  • templates/main_post_form.html
  • templates/main_posts_cell.html
  • templates/main_post_area.html
  • templates/main_topics.html
  • templates/tools_edit_post.html
  1. Download and uncompress
  2. Copy ffa4minibb.php to the root directory of your miniBB.
  3. Add the following line to bb_plugins.php:
  4. Add the following line to bb_plugins2.php:
    if(function_exists("ffa_plugin2")) fa_plugin2();
  5. Add the following to bb_default_style.css:
    .fileAttachment {
    	background-color:	#ffffff;
    	border:			1px solid #dddddd;
    	padding:		3px;
  6. Find {$emailCheckBox} in templates/main_post_form.html and add the following line *above* this line:
  7. Find {$posterText} in templates/main_posts_cell.html and add the following line *below* this line:
  8. Find a <form tag from templates/main_post_area.html, templates/main_topics.html, and templates/tools_edit_post.html and add the following attribute:
  9. Make sure the root directory of miniBB is writable by www/nobody or create the files directory and chmod it properly:
    mkdir files
    chmod 755 files or chmod 1757 files
  10. OPTIONAL: You can use the $ffa_[] array to customize ffa4minibb. See the user settings section for available variables. For example, if you want to change the maximum number of file attachments, add the following line to your language file:
    $ffa_['maxNumFiles'] = 5;

Change log

0.3 (2009-04-13)
  • Suppress the error message when the user fails to login. See installation step 4.
0.2 (2008-04-05)
  • Fixed the bug that prints out invalid URLs when filenames include spaces.
0.1 (2007-07-05)
  • First release

Do you like it?

Your donation for my time and effort would be greatly appreciated and will encourage me to spend more time on web development. Thank you.

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