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Doctoral coursework

No.TitleCredit Hours
BAEN 669Water Quality Engineering (Spring 2006)3
CPSC 601Programming with C and Java (Spring 2005)3
CVEN 455Urban Stormwater Management (Spring 2004)3
CVEN 627Engineering Surface Water Hydrology (Fall 2004)3
CVEN 628Advanced Hydraulic Engineering (Fall 2003)3
CVEN 674Groundwater Engineering (Fall 2003)3
CVEN 675Stochastic Hydrology (Fall 2003)3
CVEN 689Civil Engineering Applications of GIS (Spring 2004)3
FRSC 652Advanced Topics in GIS (Spring 2004)3
MATH 601Methods of Applied Mathematics I (Spring 2005)3
STAT 601Statistical Analysis (Fall 2005)4
STAT 651Statistics in Research I (Fall 2004)3

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