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Android is an operating system designed to run on mobile devices. The first Android-based consumer device is T-Mobile G1.

Nexus 7
Google Maps Navigation on G1
How to root G1
4GB Class 6 MicroSD partitions
One-line application reviews

Nexus 7

  1. Dead Pixel Test HD
  2. SSHelper
  3. ConnectBot
  4. ES File Explorer
  5. FolderSync
  6. Documents To Go
  7. Documents To Go Full Version Key
  8. Adobe Reader

Google Maps Navigation on G1

  1. Remove old Google Maps files:
    adb remount
    for i in \
            /system/app \
            /system/dalvik-cache \
            /system/sd/app \
            /system/sd/dalvik-cache \
            /data/app \
            /data/dalvik-cache \
    ; do
            adb shell rm $i/*maps*
            adb shell rm $i/*Maps*
  2. Modify /system/build.trout.prop's,release-keys
  3. Reboot G1.
  4. Install Maps.apk:
    adb remount
    adb install Maps.apk
  5. Install SpeechSynthesis Data Installer by Android TextToSpeech from the Android Market.
  6. Reboot G1.

How to root G1

4GB Class 6 MicroSD partitions

NumberStartEndSizeTypeFile systemFlagsparted Command
1512B3449MB3449MBprimaryfat32lbamkpartfs primary fat32 0 3449
23449MB3961MB512MBprimaryext4mkpartfs primary ext2 3449 3961
33961MB4025MB64.5MBprimarylinux-swap(v1)mkpartfs primary linux-swap 3961 4025

One-line application reviews

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